How to make an MLA Works Cited page in Word

all right this video is going to show how to do MLA format for your works cited page I know it’s something that a lot of my peers struggle with and I struggle with too sometimes because I could never remember you know if that title goes first author goes wherever the publisher date so I’m going to show how to set up the page for that and then I’m going to show how to format specific sources for probably the three most commonly used ones so after you’ve got a lot of your essay here you probably put in something from a source you know some information you need to cite it and you need to put it on the works cited page so to create your works cited page you go to the last page of your document go to the end of the last paragraph and hit control enter and that’s going to just bring up a new page there what you want to do with that first line of text is hit this Center icon here you need to Center it and write works cited then hit enter and left align the text after that so now we’re down to where we’re going to enter in our sources to do this properly we need to go up here to this tool for adjusting the tabs in the indent if you go to the top one it’ll say first line indent you don’t want that one you want to go to the kind of the middle button there said hanging indent just drag that over half an inch and what that’s going to do is set up your sources in proper format so now I guess I’ll go over some of the most common ones I guess most of us are probably going to be writing our essays at 3 a.m. you know the day it’s due so I’m assuming the most common source is going to be a web page or an article from a database a lot of us aren’t going to be running out to the library 3 a.m. so webpage what you want to do is enter the author if you know who the author is and it would go last name first name is going to be the format for pretty much any source and then in quotations you put the title of the webpage this is for one specific page on a website so let’s say this one is now I’ll just do this make it simple and then you close the quotations and then in italics you can hit ctrl I to get the italics or you can come up here just click it you type the title of the website so that’s for the whole website you hit period space and you don’t want to be italic anymore and here you’re going to put the publisher date or the company sorry the publisher name or the company that’s affiliated with the website that’s publishing it online and then you want to do a comma instead of a period this time I do the date usually just a year something like that or if there’s no date you can do nd same for no publisher say there is no publisher I can do and P that’s no publisher next you need to type the form which would be web we’re accessing it online it’s going to be web and then you type the date that you accessed it so I’m making this on February 8 think so it’s like that see what it did do is if they did it hanging ending so that there’s for a web page you can see it went back out to a left aligned first line of the next paragraph that paragraph is going to be next source so now we’re going to do an article from a database very similar most of these are very similar honestly if you get it close most professors are not gonna care but some do oh it’s just better to be a safe and sorry the same for this you’re going to go last name of the author first now for both of these um for any source if you don’t know the name you just don’t put it you go straight to the title or straight to you know the website so here you do the title of the article followed by a period you close the quotations in italics you do the name of the journal or periodical and then get rid of your italics again control I or just click I and then you type the version number let’s say you know or version or issue which so could be issue 10 version 1 whatever you can do ten point one in that case then in quotations due date usually that’s just the year and then do it : let me say what pages you used so let’s say you page one say three through six you do it like that then you want to do again in italics or control I the name of the database for a lot of us that’s going to be obscure or you know usually let’s go get rid of your italics again and we access it online so we’ll do web and then you want to do again the date accessed which in this case I’ll just say it again 8 February 2013 this third one here is for a book it’s usually not one we’re going to use where this generation we’re researching everything online for better for worse but a lot of professors are going to require that at least one or two your sources come from books from printed material so same format you’re going to go last name and then first name and then instead of quotations this time we’re going to italicize it I put the title of the book followed by a period get rid of the italics but the city where it was published and then a colon the name of the publisher the company that published it and then a comma year it was published just the Year thought you need then since this is a printed document we write print and that’s it if it wasn’t a book this is going to be kind of a newer thing I’m assuming at this point where it says print you would just type a book like that and then in the actual document you’ll reference the pages that you used so that should be it is enough I guess top three most common sources that are going to be used thanks for watching

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